Automated Sports Highlights Generation

Cloud AI service. Incredibly smart. Ultra-personalized

Let humans amaze us in sports. Leave the rest to AI.

Human-like learning

Human-like learning For lightning fast sports highlights creation

  • Contextual understanding of each scene

    We apply scene-level analysis to find the most thrilling and decisive moments of the game.

  • Frame-perfect segmentation

    Unsupervised clustering ensures frame-precise scene segmentation and creation of the best highlight reel.

  • Unseen intellectuality

    Human-like learning helps you to get the most of the era where content is the king.

  • Highly customizable

    Our system is easily adjustable to the specific needs of any business.

  • Ready in a matter of seconds

    Your personalized highlight reel is ready just after a game is played.

  • Slashing costs and human effort

    Scaling any production and editing process, bringing you to the forefront of sports broadcasting.

Put the emotions first

Leverage automatically generated trailer-like highlights to convey the intensity and the spirit of the game without disclosing core action.

Trailer-Like Highlights Watch demo

Adjustable to Any media market need

You can play with a number of custom parameters to finetune highlights creation to what you want.

Gather the essence
of the game

Enjoy the concentrated game without any distractions in technical highlights by cutting unnecessary scenes.

Technical Highlights

Personified compilations With face detection

Create unique highlight reels with star player-related content for maximum adjustability to your business goal.

Star player-related content

Close-ups, full height, goals

Technical Highlights

Use cases

Smart system with several stand-alone components

Scene segmentation

Pick the contextually-finished parts that you need (such as goals, whole field, full height, close-up, and more).

Intensity analysis

Let the system decide on what scenes to include into a highlight reel by analyzing their intensity and importance.

Defining side content

Detect advertisements or repetitive graphics in sporting events and leave the unnecessary behind.

Various compression

You can navigate the system between the saturation with goals and the amount of emotions your perfect highlight will have.

Face recognition

Pick a player and the system will automatically collect all the related content considering custom parameters you set.

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